Dr. Kosheek Sewchurran


Dr. Kosheek Sewchurran

Dr. Kosheek Sewchurran

As formal qualifications Dr. Sewchurran have honours in Computer Science, Masters in Systems thinking and a Ph.D. in Information Systems.

Dr. Sewchurran currently serves the department of Information Systems at the University of Cape Town as Adjunct head of department as well as Associate Professor. His research interests are in the areas of Project Management, Information Systems Business and Systems Analysis, Systems Thinking, estimating as-lived experiences.

Dr. Sewchurran serves on editorial board of the International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.  He has a “Y” research rating with the National Research Foundation in South Africa.

His dissertation, entitled “Toward a regional ontology for Information Systems project management” draws from wide variety of disciplines, from philosophy to biology.

In 2010 Dr. Kosheek was selected out of a pool of 1600 international applicants for the European Union Erasmus Mundus scholarship and granted the honour of lecturing at three top international universities. Kosheek is currently working closely with the Cape IT Initiative on it´s CAPACITi 1000 project and is responsible for designing and facilitating the programme´s curriculum.

Prior to coming to academia in 2005 he worked for approximately 10 years on large industrial projects in various technical, management and leadership positions.




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