Consulting Services


At the Institute of Mobile Technologies we strive to help both scalable start-ups and complex operating businesses grow and solve problems through our consulting program. Our consulting services provide assistance in areas requiring greater depth of knowledge and experience beyond standard mobile technology and business management expertise.

Rather than focus on abstract solutions that are difficult to relate to daily operating decisions, we guide our clients’ strategic choices with deep industry knowledge and implementation rigor. With all of the immediacy, disarray, and resource constraints of growing businesses, clients have found this approach to yield actionable recommendations.

Our services include:

  • providing advice to institutions on how to structure their educational mobile programs and courses on-line, on-site or on campus;
  • designing the architecture for mobile application solutions and developing and managing cost effective mobile project plans for those solutions; and
  • establishing a mobile strategy and road-map for enterprises to assist in building a business case based on delivering revenue, and improving customer service while controlling costs.

Please contact us for more information on any of the above services.

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