Amy ter Haar


Amy terHaar


Amy ter Haar

email: aterhaar [at] iimt [dot] ca

Amy ter Haar co-founded the Institute of Mobile Technologies and its technology partner, Appexiom Inc., and has served since their inception as the Chief Operating Officer and as a member of the board of directors for both organizations.


Under her leadership, the Institute of Mobile Technologies is expanding its partnership with universities around the world and in developing countries to offer cutting edge programs and to establish a centre of excellence in mobile technologies. She is a senior lecturer and provides seminars on the legal aspects of mobile technology for the various programs offered by the Institute of Mobile Technologies. Under her guidance and through direct participation, she supervises research projects conducted by the Institute of Mobile Technologies in collaboration with international NGOs and development agencies.

ter Haar is a founding member of the Personal Data Protection Initiative, which is designed to help projects and NGO’s that are utilizing mobile technologies for data collection, information dissemination, and businesses empowerment by incorporating technology into their business practices.

She is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and a graduate of the University of Western Ontario’s faculty of law, where she is also concurrently pursuing her Masters of Law degree.

ter Haar uses her unique expertise and knowledge in law and applies it to mobile technologies in different contexts to ensure sustainability, consistency and integrity of complex systems that are enabled by technology to drive social change.



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