Claire Buré


Claire Buré

email: cbure [at] iimt [dot] ca

Claire is a specialist in the field of mobile phones and international development. She has worked since 2003 on development projects and research about the use of appropriate technologies in development contexts in countries around the world. She has worked at the Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (ISSTI) in Edinburgh, UK, and at the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa. Most recently, she lived in Chile for three years where she helped start up a successful social enterprise focusing on social and economic development through the use of ICTs. There, among other projects, she coordinated the development of the Mobile Information Platform, a free SMS platform for any organization to communicate with members.

Claire’s key research interests focus on the use and local appropriation of mobile phones, local innovation, technology convergence and gender inclusion strategies. Claire has published on a range of topics, including: a study on how homeless people in Scotland use mobile phones and the internet in their everyday lives; a study on the use and effectiveness of gender evaluation methodologies in telecentres; and a literature review of gender perspectives in science, technology and innovation policies in developing countries. Claire holds a Master’s degree in Science & Technology Studies from the University of Edinburgh, UK.


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Buré, C. (2006). Digital Inclusion without Social Inclusion: The Consumption of ICTs in Homeless Subculture in Central Scotland, The Journal of Community Informatics, 2 (2).
Ceballos, F. and Buré, C. (2006). A Rejuvenated Pulse for the Telecentre Movement. Public Service Review: International Development Incorporating Emerging Markets, 1, 29.


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