Institute of Mobile Technologies announced the launch of Mobile Technology Management Program (MTMP)

Toronto, December 20, 2010 – Today Institute of Mobile Technologies announced the launch of Mobile Technology Management Program (MTMP).

“Accelerated growth of mobile technologies has lead to an increased demand for specialists proficient in the use of mobile technology” said Professor Ojelanki Ngwenyama, Director of Institute for Innovation and Technology Management at Ryerson University who leads the new program. “The MTMP is a program designed for managers, consultants and technologists working in various industries and sectors who wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge while obtaining a university-level certificate” he added.

“As a one year program, MTMP includes two tracks (business and technical) each one designed to cover fundamentals about mobile technologies as well as the best practices in creating mobile strategy and adaptation in an organization” Shayan Mashatian, Director of Institute of Mobile Technologies who directs the program described. “It is a very hands-on program and participants will be able to identify opportunities to adopt mobile technologies in different departments (marketing, sales, business development, etc.), create an implementation and launch strategy, understand the legal and business aspects of it and work with vendors to find the best technology and plan to deploy it.” Mashatian continued. “The technical track of the program includes technical programming courses for developers across different platforms such as iPhone, Android, RIM, Java, Windows Mobile and tablet programming.

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About the Institute of Mobile Technologies
The International Institute of Mobile Technologies is your source for the latest developments, knowledge and expertise in mobile. Backed by a team of experts with over a decade of experience in mobile application and development, the Institute offers a wide range of services including certified mobile courses for developers, advisory and consulting services, professional services, coding and SMS Gateway services. Partnering with universities in Canada and around the globe, we collaboratively deliver educational programs in mobile technology. Furthermore, acting jointly with renowned international development organizations, we put our expertise to work in community development projects worldwide, including Uganda, Peru and the United States. To learn more about the Institute, visit or follow us on Twitter at @iimtca. 

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