Adam Clare


Adam Clare


Adam Clare

Adam Clare is a professional game designer with a specialization in serious games. He has spoken about gaming in education at various educational conferences; and his work has been presented at educational conferences around the world. Adam produced Rock Mars, Wero Creative’s flagship serious game that has been praised by teachers for its pedagogical approach.

In 2010 Adam co-founded Board Game Jam which is a weekend-long event about making board games from scratch. He has also worked on games designed for the real world, online, FaceBook, as well as games designed for classroom use. He is also a professor at George Brown’s post-graduate game design program and in the advanced digital design program.

Adam has done extensive research into Ontario’s eLearning sector for Interactive Ontario and is still engaged with improving the sector. At TakingITGlobal, Adam worked on development issues relating to the digital divide and youth engagement. He is actively engaged with CivicAction’s Emerging Leaders Network working focusing on social policy in Ontario.

Adam holds a Master’s degree in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and, as a hobby, runs Things Are Good which is a website dedicated to good news.

Adam teaches mobile game design at the Institute and also manages its open-source game project.

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