Mobile Platform Designed by IMT wins 2010 Technology Award by Salesforce


July 20, 2010 – Toronto. CKW Mobile Platform designed by the Institute of Mobile Technologies was announced as the winner of the 2010 Salesforce Technology Innovation Award.

The Salesforce Technology Innovation Grant is designed to support current Foundation partners using technology in an innovative way to accelerate their work and that of the greater nonprofit community. The grant targets nonprofits with innovative and replicable project proposals that enhance operational and/or programmatic efficiency, create tangible social change, and provide a deep, measurable benefit to the organization as well as the sector it serves.

The CKW Technology Platform, implemented to support the Grammeen Foundation CKW initiative ( aims to build a cross country network of information intermediaries in Uganda. Based at the grassroots level, these trusted intermediaries – farmers themselves – use mobile technology to deliver agricultural information both to and from the smallholder farmers. This network of Community Knowledge Workers will revolutionize agricultural extension in the country, with a long-term goal of increasing yields, reducing losses, and increasing incomes of poor, smallholder farmers.

“We needed to implement the CKW Technology Platform in a quick and efficient way and needed to manage the CKWs in the field, store data gathered directly from the field via mobile phones and generate various live reports for monitoring and evaluation. Our decision to use Salesforce as an extension of our technology platform proved to be excellent because of its highly flexible and customizable objects.” said Shayan Mashatian, director of Institute of Mobile Technologies and CKW’s Solution Architect.

“In the proposed design, which enabled us to launch the first version of our platform within two months, all the customizable objects and applications built on top are being packaged under one application. This makes it possible to use it for other similar programs throughout Grameen Foundation. We will also release the application as Open Source so that it will be available to any NGO or organization interested in replicating the CKW Platform for their own purpose.”


About Community Knowledge Worker Program

The Community Knowledge Worker initiative is a part of the AppLab Program within the Grameen Foundation, a global nonprofit organization that helps the world’s poorest people by:

· Spearheading technology initiatives that directly serve the poor, creating new microbusiness opportunities, providing affordable telecommunications access, and improving their access to health, agriculture, job and other valuable information and services that can be delivered through the mobile phone

· Providing access to financial services by providing financing, technology solutions and human capital strategies to the local organizations that serve them

· Developing tools and practices for measuring who is being reached by microfinance and technology initiatives, and measuring their relative levels of poverty over time to ensure positive progress out of poverty

Founded in 1997, Grameen Foundation has offices in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Washington, Hong Kong, Ghana, the Philippines and Uganda

About Institute of Mobile Technologies


The Institute of Mobile Technologies is a leading educational, consulting and research institute in mobile technologies. It offers a decade of business and technical expertise exclusively in mobile application and development to the organizations and businesses which are incorporating mobile technologies into their services and products. It also offers the Mobile Technology Management Program, jointly with several universities internationally including the Ted Rogers Management School at Ryerson University, Canada. For more information contact info[at]iimt[.]ca

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