IIMT Participation at Mobile for Social Change Event, Net Change 2011


June 1, 2011, Toronto - IIMT announced today that Claire Buré, Program Manager and Lecturer at IIMT will be representing the Institute as a Mobile Committee member for Net Change 2011. She will be helping to facilitate the two-day learning intensive, called Mobile for Social Change, with the rest of the Mobile Team on June 9th and 10th.

Claire and Shayan Mashatian, Director of IIMT, will be speaking at the event about how to start your mobile project, providing leading questions and themes to think about, as well as choosing your platform. This is an exciting opportunity for IIMT to take part in the debate about how best to use mobile for social change.

See below for more details:

Mobile for Social Change is Canada’s premier mobile learning intensive for social change organizations. Participants work closely with leaders in the field to understand mobile fundamentals and through a step-by-step process will learn how to fit mobile into a larger communications strategy. The event also includes a “speedgeek” with 10 experts who will share their case studies, and a live demo.

The Mobile for Social Change ticket also includes the evening event “SMS 4 SOS” and the Net Change Week closing keynote by Ayelet Baron, VP, Strategy and Planning at Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Register today:



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