Leadership Team

Shayan Mashatian

Ali Bolourian


Shayan Mashatian
Founder & President


Ali Bolourian

Director of Technology
& Innovation



Academic Advisory Board

Dr. Koshhek Sewchurran

Gary Marsden

Dr. Hazhir Rahmandad

Dr. Kosheek Sewchurran
Information systems Department,
Cape Town University

Professor Gary Marsden
Computer Science Department,
Cape Town University

Dr. Hazhir Rahmandad
Virginia Tech University




Farshad Mahlooji Adam Clare

Melissa Dranfield
Communications &
Social Responsibility

Farshad Mahlooji
Program Manager,
Ministry of Education,
Government of Ontario

Adam Clare
Lecturer, Mobile Games


Industry and Academic Lecturers

Kristina Lugo
Jim Brown Gary Schwartz

Kristina Logu
Technical Consultant,
Mobile Privacy & Security

Jim Brown
VP Business Development
Admeris Payment Systems Inc.

Gary Schwartz
CEO, Impact Mobile

Oleg Leikin Gaby David Lindsay Powell

Oleg Leikin
Technical Consultant,
Android Developer

Gaby David
Lecturer (Paris)

Lindsay Powell
Lecturer (Paris)





Mobiles Without Borders (MWB) Team

David Damberger

Christine Phillpotts Christine Grace

David Damberger
Oxford University, UK

Christine Phillpotts
Portfolio Manager,
Grassroots Business Fund,
Washington DC

Christine Grace
Engineers Without Borders,
Leadership Team, Toronto


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