Project Title: Salta (‘Jump’ in Spanish)

The Thunderbird School of Global Management is contributing its expertise and in-kind donations toward the ‘Strengthening Women Entrepreneurship in Peru’ (SWEP) project which provides training to women who are micro and small entrepreneurs throughout Peru. The project’s goal is to bring business education and access to capital to thousands of women through running educational workshops, mentorship and providing a communication channel to the participants.


Project Profile

  • Target Group: 10,000 women entrepreneurs in Peru
  • Date: Ongoing, started in 2010
  • Clients: Thunderbird for Good (Arizona, USA)
  • Partners: Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, Goldman Sachs, Mibanco, Universidad del Pacifíco in Peru, and the Australian Government
  • Budget: 7.4 million USD

Achievements: In order to ensure continuing education and support with the participants in the program, we designed and implemented an SMS mobile platform to achieve two goals:

1. Sending new information, content, news and other information to the participants after running the workshops;

2. Created a virtual social platform via SMS messaging to enable communication between participants to exchange information between themselves, provide advice, and make arrangements for joint projects (such as partnering to attend conferences and exhibition by sharing costs, etc.)

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