Community Knowledge Worker Program

Community Knowledge Worker Program


The Community Knowledge Worker (CKW) Program in Uganda answers the need for smallholding farmers to have better access to critical agricultural information via mobile phone. Through the program, they can receive market prices, weather updates, crop information and other tips to help them improve their productivity, which are saved on a database of constantly updated material.

 Project Profile

  • Target Group: Agriculture extension workers in rural Uganda
  • Date: January – September 2010 (program is ongoing)
  • Client: Grameen Foundation (Global, operated at Uganda office, Kampala)
  • Funder: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Achievements: We successfully designed and launched the Community Knowledge Worker Program’s technical platform and operational processes, contributing senior business and technical leadership in support of its rollout in the first two regions in Uganda. The technical platform was developed using local resources, and the program involves 100 Community Knowledge Workers in each of the two regions in Uganda where it is active. The project is currently scaling to become a cross country network of information intermediaries in Uganda by 2014.

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