International Development

International Development (M4D – ICT4D)


There are three main areas of focus that we concentrate on: consulting, technology development and education.

Firstly, we offer consulting and advisory services to governments in the area of regulation, policy and compliance.  Our overarching goal in this regard is to strengthen Information Communication Technology (ICT) projects and services, particularly with regard to mobile technologies. For example, we help developing countries to design and implement security regulations for financial and mobile money transactions.

Secondly, we offer technology development.  This includes technological customization and implementation.  We have provided our services to international NGOs and enterprises (in partnership with mobile operators) to design and implement mobile applications across different sectors, such as agricultural service extensions, mHealth, micro-finance, etc. Our expertise in this area is not only to select, design and implement the technology also integrate it with appropriate business processes but also to build capacity for future sustainability and scalability. A good example is our work with Grameen Foundation, Google and MTN (mobile operator) in Uganda (With the fund provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation).

Thirdly, we offer customized educational programs for mobile technology.  We do this in partnership with universities around the world to enable knowledge transfer and capacity building. Our education programs include degree and non-degree programs. A good example is the workshops we are running with Cape Town university, Information Systems department as well as boot camp style mobile programming workshop at Makarere University. As part of our collaboration with universities, we also help to design and operate mobile labs to run technical workshops and facilitate access to technology locally.

Our ability to help you will depend on your current projects and needs.  Certainly, we will be more than happy to offer our services in any of the above areas. Specifically, with regard to regulations, we believe there are only a few number of organizations that have insight and knowledge in both legal frameworks and technological capabilities which can be used to establish necessary legal and process frameworks for a successful ICT implementation.

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