Mobile Technology Management Workshops

Mobile Technology Management Workshop

The program is especially oriented toward executives, technologists, managers, students and consultants working in various industry sectors who wish to learn how mobile technology can be used in their business. See below of further details. Where will mobile take you?

The overall goal is for attendees to better understand the mobile ecosystem, and how to formulate, implement and launch an effective business strategy by incorporating appropriate mobile technology into business practice.

Attendees will leave with:

· an overview of the mobile ecosystem, including the different players in the mobile space, namely, device manufacturers, network operators, application developers, content providers (including the business itself), users and regulators;

· knowledge of the latest mobile capabilities, technologies, standards and guidelines and their potential;

· actionable steps for developing and executing a successful mobile implementation plan;

· capacity to analyze projects to identify and prioritize the specific risks they face, select approaches to avoiding or mitigating those risks, and understand how to manage risks throughout the mobile implementation process; and

· a methodology for how to measure ROI pertaining to investment in mobile technologies.

For more information call 647-478-9436 and ask for Grace Perry, Program Coordinator or email info(at)






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