Mobile Strategy Advisory Services

IMT’s Mobile Advisory Group will ensure that your organization takes the right steps and approach while building and delivering enterprise mobile technologies and solutions. IMT ensures that our strategic mobile recommendations meet the latest mobile industry standards, bringing you a world-class mobile solution.

The IMT Mobile Advisory experts assist organizations to identify enterprise mobile challenges and opportunities within their organization and industry. Once those challenges are discovered and documented, our experts provide assistance in building an appropriate mobile blueprint for your objectives. Our experts will provide you with the latest industry statistics, and research to ensure that your future mobile messaging path is a success, produces the expected revenue and achieves your enterprise mobile goals.

IMT is proud to be an active member of several industry association councils allowing IMT to provide mobile advisory and the latest mobile standardization and guidelines to its valued customers.

IMT Mobile Advisory benefits

* Help you identify the technical and business value of enterprise mobile messaging solutions
* industry standards to build a world-class mobile solution
* Build an ROI model appropriate for your mobile solution
* Educate our customers about the risks and benefits of the mobile solution

IMT Active Mobile Advisory groups

* Mobile Marketing Association – Mobile Banking, Security, Advertising, and Education
* International Advisory Board of SCIPP

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