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The IMT Professional Services Team plays an important role in delivering successful mobile projects for our customers. IMT Enterprise Mobile Consultants (EMC) offer enterprise mobile solutions and advisories to ensure our clients achieve their mobile project goals on-time and on-budget.

IMT Professional Services Team will develop and put together a cost effective enterprise mobile project plan prior to building a full blueprint for an enterprise mobile messaging solution. In addition, our consultants design, build, prototype, manage, and assist our customers to go live with their enterprise mobile messaging solutions.

The IMT EMC team will deliver a discovery and assessment document based on capturing and collecting the enterprise mobile messaging requirements. Our EMC team can also develop and deliver a statement of work (SOW) to ensure that the enterprise mobile messaging requirements are accurately identified and stated.

IMT Professional Services assists our customers with their mobile strategy solution, mobile implementation delivery, mobile security solution delivery, mobile integration delivery services and mobile banking services.

Benefits of IMT Professional Services

* Subject matter experts with IMT products and offerings
* Enterprise mobile security expertise and knowledge
* Extensive mobile advisory knowledge
* Knowledge of enterprise mobile implementation delivery
* Subject matter experts in enterprise mobile integration
* Knowledge of enterprise mobile messaging solutions
* Mobile Banking, Mobile Security, Mobile Government, and Mobile Marketing integration knowledge
* Extensive project management knowledge in enterprise messaging solutions
* Project management, testing, QA, and operation support skills
* Industry compliance expertise and knowledge

Standard IMT enterprise messaging project methodology

IMT project methodology will ensure that our customers’ mobile customization requirements are collected, built, tested, and delivered on-time and on-budget.

Phase I: Mobile discovery and assessment
In this phase, the IMT consulting team will collect and capture the customer mobile technical requirements and ensure that the project is properly scoped.

Phase II: Mobile design and project planning
In this phase, after reviewing the mobile technical requirements, the IMT consulting team will develop and put together the solution design. Additionally, the project plan will also be developed based on the design and the project scope.

Phase III: Mobile development and customization
In this phase, the IMT consulting team will initiate and build the customization captured and designed during the previous phases and ensure that the specific customer requirements are successfully built.

Phase IV: Mobile pilot and testing delivery
In this phase, the IMT consulting team and the customer will pilot and test the mobile solution customization ensuring all of the mobile technical requirements and processes are functioning correctly.

Phase V: Mobile implementation delivery phase
In this phase, all of the customization will be implemented and delivered for the customer. The customer can then move forward with using all the custom changes in their mobile solution.

Phase VI: Mobile training and documentation phase
In this phase, the customer will be trained and documentation will be delivered regarding the mobile customization / mobile solution.

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