Educational Services

Successful enterprise mobile messaging projects require the support of technical and business training services. IMT offers mobile training and education programs which put your enterprise mobile messaging project onto a successful path.

IMT training is highly interactive; available live through on-site presentations and via remote conferencing. Optional video and webcast may be used for review and follow-up. If you are not sure where to start your training program, IMT Educational Services will help design a curriculum specific to your requirements.

IMT Mobile Learning Plan

An enterprise mobile learning plan is a collection of training resources that are organized into an interactive path that focuses on your specific learning needs. Created by IMT subject matter experts, learning plans save you time by organizing the most relevant training content into a self-guided path for your users and technical staff. For example, the IMT Education Services Team, can build an enterprise mobile learning plan, including the combination of online courses, instructor-led classes, documentation, articles, and more.

IMT education and training benefits

* Instructor-led training
* Online technical and business training
* Technical training documents
* Recorded training sessions
* Self-paced training
* On-site training
* Customize technical and business training
* Small Medium Enterprise training – CellTrust mobile subject matter experts

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