About IIMT


Based in Toronto, Canada, operating globally and backed by a team of experts with over a decade of experience in mobile application and development,The International Institute of Mobile Technologies (IIMT)  offers services encompassing three focal areas: education, research and consulting. Also an integral component of IIMT’s mission, is its strong commitment to using technology for social change and establishing mobile labs globally.


IIMT is committed to delivering cutting edge curriculum and educational services both independently and in collaboration with partner institutions. IIMT’s most recent educational partner is the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, which has developed the first Canadian educational program of its kind in mobile technology – the Mobile Technology Management Program.


IIMT works with clients across all industry sectors to evaluate, architect, and implement mobile technologies.  Our experienced and skilled developers and technologists understand the intricacies of mobile technologies and have mastered application design and development. Our services can be tailored to help you launch vigorous mobile applications economically and more efficiently.  In conjunction with our technology partner, Appexiom Inc., We can build your applications from the ground up or augment your internal team’s efforts on an ongoing basis.


Our research center serves as an intellectual hub for IIMT’s researchers, students, and members of the business community, who come together to study and debate key technical and business challenges. Our work generates courses, academic programs, published research, and partnerships within academia, government, and industry.

Mobile Labs

The Institute of Mobile Technologies follows a collaborative approach by jointly working with governments, academic institutions, Telcos, technology providers and other industry partners to facilitate and enable the creation of mobile labs across the globe.

Technology for Social Change

As part of its mission to use technology for social change, IIMT has partnered with Engineers Without Borders,Toronto, to make its knowledge and expertise available to thousands of students, scholars and experts living in developing countries to more effectively design, develop and implement mobile technologies to address a range of challenges, from access to education, information delivery to rural areas and other initiatives such as healthcare services.



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