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A mobile strategy can significantly expand the customer relationship to provide marketing intelligence, increased sales, and enhanced brand awareness and loyalty. For progressive marketers, mobile initiatives are part of a broader product marketing, marketing communication plan or stakeholder relations strategy. The mobile part of the overall strategy should enhance the remainder of the concept and support its key objectives to bring measurable results. When done well, businesses are finding mobile initiatives with often four times the response rate previously seen within the same target audience through traditional channels. Mobile surveys are far surpassing their telephonic predecessors in uptake. Banner ads are achieving 15-20% higher conversion rates in association with a mobile initiative and driving lead generation like never before.

Planning your mobile strategy

IMT’s dedicated team of mobile marketing and technology professionals will support you as you develop your mobile strategy, select the most appropriate technology, and help you measure the results, and grow your customer relationships. IMT RelationshipMobile™ is to date one of the most comprehensive mobile marketing technology offerings available —ranging from a world-class SMS Gateway Suite, with the option for a Secure SMS application, to a customizable suite of Secure Mobile Information Management (SMIM) applications, to IMT Wallet, a highly flexible and secure hosted micro-client solution capable of rapidly deploying the most sophisticated mobile product or marketing launch with absolute minimal development on your side. We are betting end users feel as passionate about security as we do and the businesses and brands who embrace mobile security early on will differentiate themselves on the mobile to achieve a competitive advantage.

How important is security, intelligence and timeliness to my overall mobile strategy?

This really depends on where you are in the process of building a relationship with your customers via the mobile phone. If they are already accustomed to receiving basic SMS alerts and text messages for promotional activities you might consider moving your mobile strategy to the next level to deliver branded services or products to them via the cell phone. At this stage, it is important to consider how important Security, Intelligence and Timeliness are to the type of information you are delivering or the type of interaction you wish to achieve with your target audience over the mobile device.

What does IMT mean by Intelligence?

Cell phones were not designed to handle complex data, transactions, graphics, and lengthy text. However the trend toward increasing complexity will continue as the demand for mobility increases. The IMT Wallet and SMIM Gateway Suite micro-client based applications provide web-based rules management with either User or Business defined auto rules to parse, organize, and execute content. Other features include location-based services, auto updating, data back-up, and multichannel alerts.

Secure, intelligent and timely delivery of information, products and services to your customers via the cell phone is everything but mobile spam. IMT has mobile-enabled across almost every imaginable industry, helping our customers overcome obstacles and grow their mobile strategies as they further strengthen their customer relationships. Register now to speak with a member of our team and receive TestPackMobile, a free package of SMS credits to experiment with our world-class SMS Gateway.

Why is it called RelationshipMobile?

Because this powerful mobile marketing and messaging software offering has been designed to support your Customer Relationship Management strategy and help you extend your brand, products, services and marketing intelligence to that all important piece of real estate – your existing and potential customers’ cell phone. It’s all about building and retaining customer relationships via the mobile device.

Today’s banner ads achieve 15-20% higher conversion rates in association with a mobile initiative and drive lead-generation like never before.

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