Mobile Project Roadmap

Going Mobile?

When launching a mobile initiative the following steps should be considered:

Content preparation

Original content used on other media such as web or print, usually needs to be modified to be delivered to the cell phone and displayed there. If it the content is in a text file, it can be adapted to the SMS format with a maximum of 140-160 characters depending on the carrier. When pushing mobile traffic to a website, a WAP application should be prepared to display the web content appropriately on mobile devices. If you are planning to sell ringtones, images, wallpaper or video, such content must be compatible with the handset as some support mp3 format, some midi format, etc. IMT will advise you throughout the process of preparing your content. For more information please see Content Providers page.

Select the appropriate mobile applications and tools

Mobile Project Road Map

Numerous tools are required to run a successful mobile initiative. Communicating to the gateway, managing carrier compliance (such as opt-in and opt-out), creating auto-response rules, or sending the appropriate data (such as a WAP Link), etc. require specific mobile tools. IMT provides a comprehensive mobile offering of modules to address these needs with its SMS Gateway Suite. IMT RelationshipMobile provides mobile solutions ranging from SMS communication to comprehensive data communication supported by a secure (SMIM) platform.

IMT’s products and applications can be OEM under your own brand, logo and URL. Please visit SMS OEM Gateway as an example.

Connect to the Gateway

Selecting an appropriate gateway is one of the most important decisions you will make. A suitable gateway can provide you with ready-to-use tools and modules which will save you significant time and money while dramatically reducing your time-to-market. Central to the success of your business is a reliable connection. Even with the most attractive content, you won’t be able to reach your audience without one. See IMT SMS Gateway Suite, Why IMT? and IMT Secure & Redundant Gateway to see how IMT addresses connectivity.

Select the appropriate package and/or service

The beauty of mobile technology is its scalability and expandability as your business grows. Whether your mobile initiative requires a few messages a day or millions of messages each week, IMT provides a very flexible and affordable product packaging structure to meet the requirements of any project regardless of size. Visit IMT Product Packages for more information. If you don’t find something appropriate, let us know and we will build or find a solution for your unique business model.

Marketing, Sales, Marketing

Once the technology is in place, the real challenge begins as you expose your valuable brand and service to users. IMT provides consulting to help you with your concept, business model, pricing and features to ensure the success of your mobile strategy. We think of you as a partner who shares revenue with us, not as a customer who buys something and leaves. We believe as long as we work together to create value and service for your audience, we will both be successful. Contact Us now to learn more about how our expert team can help you with the technology and other aspects of your mobile application and business.

We have provided a glossary of the most commonly used mobile terms for your convenience.

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