Mobile Application Test and Certification

Despite all the emphasis on mobile applications, it isn’t easy to make a compelling app that lets you connect with a broad audience. Prior to building any application, you need to answer some questions:

# How do you determine which operating system or platform to use?
# How do you get traction with the various wireless carriers (and do you need to get their attention)?
# Can you develop your application once and have it work across all carriers, all operating systems and all handsets?

Once the application is built, to facilitate installation and running of your mobile application on the handsets, it needs to be tested and certified. Certification of a phone may happen in different levels: OS (e.g. J2ME, Windows Mobile, Brew, Apple etc.), handset (e.g. Nokia, RIM, Motorola) or carriers (e.g. AT&T).

Certifying the applications requires proper tests up-front, documentation and knowledge of practices and standards. Going through the process if you are not familiar with it takes time and requires assigning resources to it. At IMT, we are expert in testing and certification process for all the platforms and carriers and we help you to go through the process as fast as possible.

Certification is an important part to ensure an acceptable user experience and in some cases, even you won’t be able to market your application to the users if it is not certified.

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