Q: What does IMT offer?

A: IMT offers a wide range of services to individuals who want to enter to mobile industry and any organization which needs or intends to use mobile technologies. Offering courses and certifications plus other services such as professional and consulting services is part of what we offer. For a list of services please see Services page.

Q: Are your services on-line or on-site?

A: Both and of course in the location of Institute. We offer individual or group courses on-line, we also provide on-site trainings for the organizations across North America.

Q: What are the content of the courses?

A: We offer some standard courses and certifications which covers fundamentals of what you need to know about mobile technologies. Also we offer customized courses or training for your special needs.

Q: I have an idea to build a mobile application or start a mobile business, can you help me?

A: Yes! Our Advisory Services in combination of Mobile Lab services is designed to help individuals and/or organizations to analyze their ideas, build prototypes and test it in a short time with limited investment. We provide two hours free consultation as part of our services to explore your idea and propose a plan on how to do it.

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