Mobile Security

Despite the common believe, mobile communications are not secure. Not only data communication (using mobile internet) is not secure, current standard SMS technology is also non-secure. It can be intercepted along the transmission path at multiple locations (aggregators, carriers, infrastructure providers, or tower operators). The content is transmitted as a plain text making it easy to eavesdrop.

Also messages stored in carriers’ databases are not typically encrypted so anyone inside the carriers have access to the data. On the other hand, mobile phones are vulnerableto viruses ans spy-wares. As smartphone market grows, there are more reports on cyer-attacks which are transforming from PCs to mobile phones.

Mobile security covers a range of items from handset, to OS, applications and communication channel. In the Mobile Security course those items are reviewed in details and different ways to prevent it is reviewed.

Contact Us to review your mobile security needs and find the right solution to address it, before it is too late!

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