Mobile Technology Management Program

Accelerated growth of mobile technologies has lead to an increased demand for specialists proficient in the use of mobile technology who can apply their expertise in innovative ways.

Accordingly the Institute of Mobile Technologies has developed and is offering the first program of its kind in mobile technology – the Mobile Technology Management Program (MTMP) – jointly with partner universities in Canada and around the globe.

The MTMP is a program designed for managers, consultants and technologists working in various industries and sectors who wish to upgrade their skills and knowledge while obtaining university-level certification. As a one year program, it includes two tracks (Management and technical). Each track includes 8 courses, which are each 12 sessions.


Management Track

Mobile Marketing and Mobile Enterprise
Audience: Executives, Managers, Sales and Marketing Team, Business Development and any individual or consultant who feels the need to understand mobile technologies, how it can be used in the business.

Outcome: Participants will be able to identify opportunities to adopt mobile technologies in different departments (marketing, sales, business development, etc.), create an implementation and launch strategy, understand the legal and business aspects of it and work with vendors to find the best technology and plan to implement it.

For more details and list of courses click here.



Technical Track

Mobile application Design and Development
Audience: CTOs, Technical Leads, Solution Architects, Programmers and Technologists

Outcome: Participants will have a deep understanding of various mobile technologies (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc.) pros and cons of each technology and how to build applications for each one. Program also covers programming for tablets such as iPad and Galaxy tablet.

Technologies: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Java/J2ME

For more details and list of courses click here.

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