Our Approach

Our approach to mobile technology design is based on the premise that each mobile application finds its best meaning in a non-technical context. One that is more reflective of social context, user experience and content communication, than technical data organization.

From conceptualization to the final stages of mobile application development, we consider all elements of design, including composition, form and function. In each step of this process we retain a key focus on quality. We see each mobile application in light of its use in our daily lives, as a tool to share, inspire, challenge, educate and connect with one another.

We leverage three factors to fulfill our vision of good mobile application design: content engineering, mobile platform capability comprehension, and user experience (UX); all applied within a user-centric design context.

Content Engineering consists of syntax, semantics, form, format of data organization and content optimization. Analogous to a texture, the distinctive characteristics and complex organization of data are reflective of its unique purpose.

Technology Platform Capabilities A deep understanding of the native features and capabilities within the ecosystems of major mobile platforms, including iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android. We integrate each of these within a cloud computing context.

User Experience (UX) A description of the dynamic user-technology relationship, includes subjective qualifications and quantitative characteristics of the technology based on user perception. The integration of new mobile device capabilities, including touch and rotation, is emphasized, as these weigh heavily into the mobile application user experience.

We believe strongly in the Agile Methodology. This iterative design approach allows us to respond to change and continuously integrate new ideas into our evolving strategy. We do this by engaging our multidisciplinary studio team to design innovative, multi-faceted mobile applications. We develop, deploy, and maintain these mobile applications, enhancing them over time in response to technological advancements, changing user needs and expectations.

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