Mobile Program – Management Track

Mobile Technology Management Program, Management Track is design to cover three aspects of using mobile technologies in business:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Enterprise
  • Mobile as a business for entrepreneurs

Audience: Executives, Managers, Sales and Marketing Team, Business Development and any individual or consultant who feels the need to understand mobile technologies, how it can be used in the business.

Outcome: Participants will be able to identify opportunities to adopt mobile technologies in different departments (marketing, sales, biz dev, etc.), create an implementation and launch strategy, understand the legal and business aspects of it and work with vendors to find the best technology and plan to implement it.

List of courses:

- Overview of Mobile Technologies

This course is designed for executives, directors and managers who need to understand differences between available mobile technologies in depth (without being a programmer) to make the right choice for their mobile initiative. Other mobile technologies such as tablets, eReaders and RFID is also covered in this course.

- Mobile Marketing, Elements, Methods and Best Practices

This course covers all the elements of designing and running a mobile marketing program Across different channels and for different purposes (new user acquisition, creating loyalty programs, etc.)

- Social and Cultural Aspects of Mobile Technologies

This course is about social impact of mobile technologies. It reviews the topic in two different context: developed and developing countries and analyzes social impact of mobile for users and society and what it means for the organizations

- Mobile Enterprise Strategy and Design

An overview of using mobile technologies by enterprises, applications of mobile for different departments, defining strategy and planning to adopt mobile by enterprises

- Mobile Economics

Financial modeling and planning for mobile technologies, as a pure mobile business or as part of an organization is focus of this course. Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) and best practices for mobile business models is also part of this course

- Mobile Media and Journalism

Mobile has opened up a new window to media world, has transferred the content and in integration with social networks has created a new way to deliver content to the users. This course, looks at the mobile media from a user point of view

- Legal Aspects of Mobile Technology Management

An overview of legal aspects of creating or using mobile technologies in the organizations, including licensing, user privacy, copyright, intellectual property, etc.





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