IMT Announced Launch of Personal Data Protection Initiative

January 25, 2011 – Toronto. The Institute of Mobile Technologies launches the Personal Data Protection Initiative.

The Personal Data Protection Initiative endeavors to provide assistance to ICT4D projects around the world to help them protect and manage personal data throughout the data lifecycle.

“Although mobile and other electronic technologies are an important resource that provides a smooth and fairly easy process to achieve a common good, there is an inherent risk of privacy abuse.” said Amy ter Haar, a founding member of the Initiative. “Due to several points of access to the data by technology vendors (ISPs, Telcos, etc.), the data gathered is not under a users’ direct local control and hence users of such technology are becoming progressively more sensitized to both perceived and real risks to their privacy associated with their use of such electronic systems. Therefore, enforcing appropriate privacy-related efforts becomes necessary to address real risks and to instill confidence in the use of the technology itself” Amy continued.

Whether the data is gathered via mobile phones or other forms of ICT (Information and Communication Technology), certain rules and policies need to be applied to protect users’ privacy. The Institute hopes that its research on guiding principles will be shared with engaged NGOs and their fellow organizations.
The Initiative will create a set of tools, white-papers, educational movies and toolkits to help the NGOs and ICT4D projects to form privacy policies and facilitate implementation of such policies. For more information about the Initiative, visit

About the Institute of Mobile Technologies
The Institute of Mobile Technologies is a leading consulting and educational institute in mobile technologies. It offers a decade of business and technical expertise exclusively in mobile application and development to the organizations and businesses which are incorporating mobile technologies into their services and products. It also offers the Mobile Technology Management Program, jointly with the Ted Rogers Management School at Ryerson University. For more information contact info[at]inomobitech[.]com.

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