Mobiles Without Borders


Engineers Without Borders Toronto and the Institute of Mobile Technologies announce the Mobiles Without Borders Committee

Mobile Without Borders an initiative by Engineers Without Borders Toronto and Institute of Mobile Technologies was created in response to an increasing need to implement mobile technologies in efforts for social, economical and infrastructure development in Africa and other parts of the world.

Providing a platform to connect experts in the field with the organizations involved in development is an important factor in supporting those projects and the mobile committee is aimed to address that need.


The goals of the Mobile Without Borders committee are to:
1. Form a platform to connect experts in mobile from developed countries to their peers in Africa and other developing countries for technology and knowledge transfer.
2. Support start-ups and businesses involved in mobile operations in Africa
3. Provide educational sessions and seminars on mobile applications in development to both Toronto professionals and development partners in Africa.

Volunteers, organizations and companies interested in participating in the committee projects can join by visiting


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