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IMT Mobile Labs Network

The Institute of Mobile Technologies follows a collaborative approach and jointly works with governments, academic institutions, Telcos, technology providers and other industry partners to facilitate and enable the creation of mobile labs across the globe.

This type of collaborative methodology allows the Institute to provide customized curriculum and instructional services for the mobile labs. The curriculum follows a two-tiered approach to mobile technology management, including technical and business features. The technical aspects deal with training for mobile application development for various platforms, including SMS applications, feature phones and smart phones, and using data connections.  The business aspects help developers and technologists to understand how to design and incorporate business processes into the technology itself, ensuring sustainability and scalability by applying technology in the right context.

Mobile Lab Strategy

The Institute identifies and defines strategies for mobile labs; it assumes the role of defining the structure and organization of the lab, and internal processes (i.e. project selection process and support, and mentoring) to enable individuals to more successfully realize on the potential of their projects.  Importantly, this includes enabling the mobile lab to integrate into the surrounding economic ecosystem. 

Developing Value-Added Services

Furthermore, this approach facilitates the creation of value-added services powered by industry partners through the mobile channel.  These value-added services encompass a range of concepts such as, connecting smart infrastructure and smart phones, linking existing systems thorough mobile, or creating new user interfaces via the mobile phone.

Our efforts to drive mobile innovation in emerging markets aligns with our broader agenda of creating sustainable, inclusive growth by assisting those seeking to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the mobile sector.

IIMT executive team also brings more than a decade experience in designing and launching start ups to the teams formed in the mobile labs. In an incubator environment, we mentor, prepare and work with entrepreneurs (first time or experienced) to not only build innovative products, also make them solid both at technology and business model. 

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