Claire Bure

Claire Bure
Claire Bure
Lead, Mobile for
Social Change Lab

My Story

I have always been fascinated by the way people and technologies interact. Almost a decade ago, I recognized the potential of mobile phones to radically change the way people interact, communicate and behave when I did my Master’s Degree in Science and Technology Studies in the UK. There, I studied how homeless people in Scotland integrated mobile phones into their everyday lives, to a much greater extent than they had computers and the Internet. I have since maintained my interest in the use of mobile phones through research and project work in various countries across the world. Most recently, I coordinated the development of an award-winning mobile platform in Chile for small-scale farmers to receive relevant information via SMS message on their mobile phones.

The ways in which mobile technologies become used for social change can often be traced back to their technical features (alongside context and other factors). In the social change lab, I am working on how to translate those ideas into particular products, features or services in mobile technologies.


People, the ongoing interaction between society and technology, creativity, local solutions (innovation), humour, travel and trekking (especially in Patagonia)


Diversity. S&T. Social Change. Learning. Gender. Culture. Communication. Collaboration.

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