Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell

Lindsay is a development worker and researcher specializing in mobiles for social change. She has a B.A. in Cultural Communications and French from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, and a dual M.A. in Global Communications and Civil Society from The American University of Paris.

Lindsay has been living in Paris, France, since 2008 and has conducted field work with vulnerable populations living with HIV/AIDS in Tamil Nadu, India, and Fes, Morocco. In 2010, she worked for the American NGO Tostan on the Jokko Initiative in Senegal. As a built-in component of Tostan’s internationally recognized non-formal education program, the Jokko Initiative uses basic handsets as pedagogical tools to help teach and reinforce literacy and other skills taught in the curriculum and as social mobilization tools to support local development efforts.

Lindsay has recently completed her M.A. thesis on the subject of the Jokko Initiative. Her research demonstrates the critical role played by human capabilities and grassroots intermediary organizations in Mobiles-for-development (M4D) initiatives. Lindsay is interested in identifying best practices and improving the quality of impact assessment of M4D, and furthering collaboration between the non-profit and the private sector. She is also passionate about incorporating film in her work.

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