Gary Schwartz


Gray Schwartz


Gray Schwartz

Over the past nine years, Gary has played a leadership role in the mobile industry, founded Impact Mobile in 2002 running the first cross-carrier short code campaign in North America.


In 2006, Gary founded the mobile committee for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) ( (for which he received an IAB award for industry excellence in 2009).


In 2010, Gary was elected as the Chair of MEF North America ( with a remit to develop mobile commerce best practices and advance commerce security and privacy (for which he received a MEF award for industry excellence). In 2011, in partnership with MEF and a number of industry groups including the security standards body, Gary is working to develop m-commerce security and privacy guidelines.


Gary it the recipient of the Asia and Japan Foundation Fellowship as well as the Macromedia People Choice Award and Dodge Foundation award for innovation. Gary is the author of the mobile industry book, The Impulse Economy, published by Simon & Schuster, Aria Imprint.

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