Adam Clare

Adam Clare
Mobile Games Lab

My Story

I believe games can change the world. Through play, we can learn more about ourselves, and the world around us. Games can also be a powerful tool to educate and entertain people, and it’s when we combine the two that we have something interesting that can alter how people think about the world around them. …and c’mon, who doesn’t like playing games and having fun? Mobiles are the future of personalized computing. We interact with mobile devices everyday and we are able to customize them in ways that were once beyond belief. Every unique ringtone says something about the owner of the phone. Mobiles may just be the most intimate electronic we carry with us on a daily basis.


Paulo Friere, the sunrise, the resilience of nature, the simulacrum of Being, good things

Favourite Games

Minecraft, Ticket to Ride, TeamFortress 2


Fun. Play. Exploration. Reality Shifting.

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